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Friday, January 14, 2005

My Pal George Bush

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January 14, 2005 Friday


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HEADLINE: My Pal George Bush

BYLINE: Nibras Kazimi


Let me tell you a thing or two about my good friend George. I like this George fellow. He's been kicking ass recently, and hardly anyone but the bad guys has noticed. He himself is probably unaware of this turnabout since the diplomatic and intelligence bureaucracies that are tasked with briefing him are themselves more or less clueless.

The greatest victory so far in the war on terror occurred last week: The evil-doers have ceded the press and broadcast industry battleground and are now scrambling for legitimacy in fending off democracy. Their rhetoric is no longer riddled with loaded catch-phrases like "Zionism" and "colonial occupation" or even the "new crusades." No, today's talking points for the jihadists go something like this: Democracy is a Greek word that means power through the people and not God, which is a heresy that must be eradicated.

The Army of the Ansar Al-Sunnah and the Islamic Army, respectively numbers 2 and 3 on the Top 20 terrorist charts, issued a communique last week saying that they intend to treat polling booths in the upcoming Iraqi elections on January 31 as military targets, since they consecrate the power of the people and not divine sanction. It is as if Christian Scientists took their prayer-inspired natural therapy to the extreme and began blowing up hospitals and assassinating medical practitioners and patients alike. This is bigger than the capture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the September 11 mastermind, or the overthrow of the Taliban. With Osama bin Laden reinventing himself as a policy wonk, as some have aptly described him, and interminably chiming in on the same theme to instruct Iraqis not to vote, this recent terrorist press blitz is an indication that they are quickly losing the battle of ideas and visions for the future of the Arab and Islamic world.

And to my friend George, the whole thing can be summed up in one word: freedom.

George is sometimes unfairly described as the Latter-Day Cowboy, or the "Bring It On" Gangsta. His detractors sought to tag him with these and all sorts of other epithets in an effort to deride his policies. However, George's political enemies are doing a fine job and their sniping is crucial to winning the war on terror: The stubborn gung-ho image they created for the 43rd president is exactly what terrorizes the terrorists. The message emanating to the rest of the world is that George is serious about kicking the bad-asses in the ass. Al Qaeda got a crash course in Americana-infused wisdom: Don't go messin' with a Texan. Especial ly one armed with cruise missiles.

My friend George also has an instinctive understanding of the forces of history. The Central Intelligence Agency, the New York Times editorial board, the Arab governments, the current unpopular Iraqi government, and most of Europe and America's loony left have launched a press blitz of their own that basically runs in parallel to Al Qaeda's: Delay the Iraqi elections since Arab Sunni nonparticipation would delegitimize the results. George to all the aforementioned: "No!"

See, George is a visionary, and to him, the future instructs current policy rather than the "realist" credo of crises management. In 1864,America had an election during its Civil War, and Abraham Lincoln won a second term through a landslide while most of the secessionist South, understandably, did not participate. Is anyone today going to make the argument that these results were illegitimate? The causes for America's fratricide were many and complex, but what elementary school children across America are learning is that there was no moral equivalency between slave owners and the unionists. In 20 years time, Iraqi children will also be taught that, during the height of an undeclared civil war that is currently ravishing the country, there was no moral equivalency between the democrats and the beheaders.

Yet again, according to my friend George, the whole thing can be summed up in one word: freedom.

George understands that the Iraqis need to get on with their future without delay, and that those who have been liberated by the concept of freedom are going to come up with their own means of securing the new post-Saddam era. These matters will no longer be decided by the Baghdad CIA station operating within the embassy compound. It will be decided by Iraq's newly elected leaders through a succession of corrective steps in what has been tried and failed. On security matters, they will opt for a complete reversal of such poorly thought-out experiments like the Fallujah Brigade formed last April, where ex-Baathists still donning their Republican Guard uniforms were expected to battle the insurgency that stands for bringing the Baath Party and the Arab Sunni minority sect back into absolute power.

I have a hunch that a new government will implement De-Baathification Plus, i.e., the complete top-to-bottom cleansing of the ex-regime elements that had been invited back into the government through a failed policy of appeasement. There is no appeasing the bad guys; they will not suddenly undergo a mystical epiphany and swear off driving planes into buildings or decapitating aid workers. They must be destroyed. Being a terrorist must become a job-related hazard even before self-detonation at a chosen target.

The new era in Iraq will not flower with the begrudged participation of Saddam's orphans, or those who had a stake in their past murderous glory. The future of Iraq lies with those who were orphaned by Saddam and whose parents ended up in mass graves. The talent and willpower of these victims and their reflexive loyalty to a new Iraq is the key. And believe me, there are plenty of them since, in case someone out there has forgotten this fact, Saddam and his henchmen killed a lot of people.

I've never met George, and he would have no clue who I am. But across the politically desolate landscape of the Middle East, young men and women are being emboldened to speak up and demand a better life through the heretical notion of democracy because they feel that they've got a friend in the White House.

George W. Bush has got the evil-doers and the despots on the run, both physically and ideologically. His hymn for democracy in the Middle East resounds like a death knell for Al Qaeda and the hated dictatorships and accurately projects through a values-oriented foreign policy what America is all about.And with friends like these, pretty soon, there will be fewer enemies.


In other good news in the war on terror and terror inciters, score one down for the much-maligned Al-Hurra TV, the activist American public diplomacy broadcast effort targeting the Arab speaking world. Last week, Al-Hurra put together a report with footage captured from Saddam's archives in which Al-Jazeera's former top boss, Jassim Al-Ali, kisses up and thanks Saddam's psycho son 'Uday, for all the crucial help he was providing over the years to the venom-spewing satellite station, and asking for more instructions. Mr. Al-Ali was fired shortly after the liberation of Iraq following embarrassing documents highlighting his collusion with 'Uday had surfaced. Also last week, after the new report and footage were aired, Al-Jazeera issued a press release defending its "journalistic integrity." Yeah, right.